Meet The Team

Meet the Occasional Kitchen Team below.

Managing Director and Business Owner

Faye Penfold

Faye loves, in no particular order; food, writing, planning, poetry, wine, hot summer evenings chatting in the garden as the sun goes down, music, belly laughs, heavy rain and expensive toiletries.

Executive Chef and Business Owner

Dave Penfold

Dave loves, in no particular order; cooking, climbing, reading books about the sea, loud music, short animation, the hot, hot sunshine and West Indian carnivals.

Logistics Manager

Duncan Bull

Duncan loves, in no particular order: doggos, campers, spreadsheets, marzipan, to do lists, hugs, houseplants and more houseplants.

Marketing Director

Carrie Edwards Jones

Carrie loves, in no particular order; being by the sea, yoga, long walks in the countryside, lots of sleep, her daughter’s dance routines, fresh flowers, spontaneous days off, writing lists, entrepreneurship, expensive white wine.

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