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Tour catering

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Life on the road can be tough. Artists and crew away are from their family and loved ones for months at a time, literally living on top of one another.

Good food is the foundation that keeps the concert tour family and crew happy, and mealtimes are a celebration of togetherness, a moment out of the madness to reconnect and relax. Creature comforts, healthy, nourishing food and the occasional treat table help your crew to feel at home.

We have over 10 years of experience in tour catering and have worked all over the UK. Projects on tour buses, in concert halls, village halls, large-scale music venues, churches and even a water park! Nothing beats the excitement of waking up in a new place every day, sourcing the best quality local ingredients and feeding people delicious food.

Catering on tour for dietary preferences, specific allergies and intolerances is never a problem for us. We understand that artists’ requirements are different and specific, pre and post, performance. Therefore, our menus feature energy boosting nutritious, light meals and powerful anti-oxidant smoothies to ensure your team are in top shape, ready to take to the stage.

Tour catering menus

Our approach to tour catering is bespoke, because we understand that different touring crews work to different budgets. However, we are always committed to the provision of exceptional quality food.

To create the perfect touring menu, we can co-create a menu plan with you, or just let us take the stress away with ‘done-for-you’ options. Both result in high quality, energising and delicious food to serve to your hard working and dedicated team.

All of our food perfectly balances the requirements of hard-working touring crews with a quality expected by your artists and VIPs alike. So you just have to turn up and eat!

Mobile catering trucks & trailers

Our state-of-the-art mobile tour catering trucks are a great plug and play option without the need for any other infrastructure. We have everything we need on board, ready to nourish your crew and artists with a menu of your choice. We can offer a totally bespoke approach for your project – from the menu, to the set design and presentation. For specialist tour catering we can even send a chef and hospitality team on the road with you.

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“They’re great to work with, and the food was of great consistency, with no dietary need too much of an inconvenience - they really are true gems! Diamonds are formed under huge pressure, and the entertainment industry has never known challenges like Covid19. I’m so grateful we found Faye and her team to deliver the crew and customer catering for our award nominated drive-in series.”

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