TV and Film Location Catering

TV & film catering 

Filming on location for TV and film is a big job! Your production teams and cast work long hours, in all weather conditions, and they need great food from on location catering to keep them nourished, happy and energised.

The friendly team at The Occasional Kitchen has been providing high quality on location catering for film sets and TV for over 10 years. Always ready to provide exceptional quality innovative food, on time and with a smile. We ensure we get to know your teams to understand their preferences, so we cn deliver a bespoke and personalised service. All our food is freshly prepared, on site – nothing is pre-bought, and nothing is outsourced.

Experts in catering for film sets

The Occasional Kitchen has been location catering for film and TV for over a decade and each new film location brings an opportunity to provide a bespoke on set catering experience. We understand things change – often hourly, on set – and we’re always ready to roll with it and adapt to meet your needs. No matter what the requirements, The Occasional Kitchen can provide you with exceptional food that exceeds your expectations.

On location catering can make or break a production, whether it’s a low-budget indie drama, a commercial or a Hollywood blockbuster. Give your cast and crew the mental and physical preparation they deserve, and the fuel to perform at their best.

Mobile catering trucks & trailers

Our state-of-the-art mobile catering trucks and large capacity trailers are a great plug and play option, and you won’t need any other infrastructure. We have everything we need on board, ready to nourish your cast and crew with a menu of your choice. We offer a totally bespoke approach for every project – from the menu to the set design and presentation.

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“The healthiest and the best food I have ever eaten on location, anywhere, in 30 years!”

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