The Big Plastic Count – 11th March – 17th March 2024

The Big Plastic Count – Join in this month and help us clean up Wales

Hey there, eco warriors! Mark your calendars because a significant event is on the horizon. From 11th March to 17th March 2024, we’ll be embarking on a journey of awareness and action against plastic pollution with The Big Plastic Count. This initiative aims not only to quantify our plastic use but also to spark transformative changes in how we produce, consume, and dispose of plastic materials. Check out our list of other key dates to get involved with

What’s The Big Plastic Count All About?

The Big Plastic Count is a nationwide event that encourages people from all walks of life to come together and take stock of their plastic consumption. During this particular week, participants will meticulously record every piece of plastic they dispose of. This mass-participation activity serves a dual purpose: to highlight the scale of our plastic dependency and to provide crucial data that can drive policy change.

Why It Matters

Despite increased awareness, plastic continues to flood our landfills, oceans, and even our food chain. By participating in The Big Plastic Count, you’re contributing to a massive dataset that can influence manufacturers, businesses, and policymakers. Your data helps illustrate the need for a systemic shift towards sustainable packaging and a circular economy that prioritises reuse and recycling over single-use culture.

How Can You Get Involved?

Register: Sign up online at The Big Plastic Count website to get your digital counting pack.
Count: For one week, keep track of all the plastic you throw away. Yes, every single piece!
Submit: At the end of the week, submit your count through the website. Your data will become part of a national effort to tackle plastic pollution.
Share: Let the world know about your experience! Use #BigPlasticCount on social media to share insights, progress, and encourage others to join in.
Act: Stay engaged beyond the counting. Support initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste and be an advocate for change in your community.

What happens after The Big Plastic count?

Post-count, all the data collected will be analysed and turned into actionable insights. Expect an extensive report that could help reshape policies and business practices surrounding plastics.

Beyond that, communities and organisations can use the findings from The Big Plastic Count to launch local sustainability projects, reduce their plastic footprint, and hold corporations accountable for their role in the plastic crisis.

Final Thoughts

The Big Plastic Count is more than just a week-long event; it’s a stepping stone towards a future with cleaner oceans, less waste, and healthier ecosystems. And it starts with us taking the simple step of paying attention to our plastic usage.

So let’s join forces from the 11th to the 17th of March 2024. Whether you’re a school, business, family, or individual, your contribution is critical. Together, we can make a difference—one piece of plastic at a time.